Rappan-Athuk Reborn

Ashes to Ashes

From the Journal of Da’Mar, Cleric of her Holiness Sarenrae

“So you can have some fun in the dark of this place! We meandered through more tight tunnels, constantly fighting the creep and tension, not to mention the hard sleeping surface. I am not a fan of sleeping underground. In any event, we came upon a room that quite literally rose up against us.

“And they immediately identified themselves as zombies – the very thing I despise. As well as a fellow warrior of Sarenrae that is with us! They quickly surrounded us, and the paladin and I let them close in waiting for the right moment. Then saying a quick oath to her holiness, I presented my gold symbol and burned the walking corpses – some into nothingness.

The rest of my comrades wasted no time firing arrows, cleaving and tearing into these JuJu horrors, eventually a final burst of channeling light from my comrade of Sarenrae destroyed them turning them back into the ash from whence they came.

The battle now over, I celebrated at camp, making a few cups of my favorite tea. Yes, cleansing this place is indeed worthy and not foolhardy!"

The 9th Day of Lashaman, Wealday, 4713



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