Rappan-Athuk Reborn

Attacking the Impossible

Stairway to Fear

It certainly seemed for the first time that this oppressive dungeon was beginning to open up. The corridors were larger, looking engineered and not grown like some duegar hovel. Most of the company seemed eager to press forward. The corridor was well lit showing well angled lines and seamless stone carved stairs leading up to a large room with two dark pillars.

The air seemed to change, become heavy, an invisible push on everyone’s chest as they reconnoitered the room.

“There isn’t anything here,” Chikako stated matter-of-factly. “Nothing we can see perhaps,” replied Lazarus looking skeptical.

Da’Mar seemed unphased as he rounded the inside of the room, he felt a dark presence. He was too slow to react to it however – as an armored ghost from beyond wielding a longsword jumped at the party out of thin air!

A powerful undead, not one to be underestimated, yet Da’Mar was clearly confident he could handle this. After all slaughtering undead is what he does. Why should this foul creature be any different?

But it was, reaching inside his sleeve, he presented his holy symbol to Sarenrae and ordered the apparition to leave – a brilliant glow encircled Da’Mar’s form before bursting in a radiant sphere slamming the creature with a hot white burning of positive energy. To Da’Mar’s surprise, the creature seemed to rebuffed some of the full effect of his channel.

Backing away, Da’Mar’s companions began slicing and firing magicks into the transparent ghost. But it was marginal at best, as the armored undead began using sneak tactics – and wearing down defenses among everyone.

As the battle grew late, Da’Mar noticed his chances and that of his comrades were beginning to fail – almost out of desperation – he channeled again sensing that he hit the creature beyond his visual perception. Then Da’Mar cried out, dropping his holy symbol, as the ghost flew out of the floor directly where Da’Mar was standing and pushed through his weakened mortal body.

The cleric collapsed to his knees in inexplicable agony before finally perishing from the corruptive touch of the ghost.

Rallying to him, Chikako and Pashana grabbed a hold of his body and started to make a retreat, the Ghost still attacking all the while.

As they began to back away down the stairs and away from the chamber – the shaw around Da’Mar’s breastplate began to fade to dust. His Aegis of Recovery had activated upon sensing his death.

Sitting up he channeled one last time, healing his companions before running for his and their lives out of there.

In the distance, they continued to hear moaning – long after they left the area…



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