Rappan-Athuk Reborn


The encounter with the mysterious stranger and the thugs he was battling was strange and unnerving to all that stopped to watch. He seemed anxious to want to join the party to reed out the famous dungeon’s secrets and destroy evil. Though he looked every bit the part of evil incarnate.

Reluctantly letting the stranger join, the group traveled nearly the entire day before stopping near a small river to camp for the night. Autumn was already here in southern Varisia, as well as cool winds from the north. The firelight seemed to make shadows everywhere, providing some spooky entertainment on an outcropping of nearby rocks, but providing little in the way of warmth.

The night progressed nearly uneventful, with everyone sleeping except the two on watch. Then the silence was breached. A strange stomping in the trees beyond the river. Dravina and the others quickly woke to ready themselves, though Da’Mar had no clue what they were hearing. His own senses have not been his own since the fight against Zhulkar and his minions.

Clearing the brush, a giant walking bipedal frog like creature stumbled forward. Tentacles withered from where his front legs should be, reaching out to ensare one or all of his. His mouth glazed with icy sharp teeth, but it was maw that was fearsome enough.

The Frogamauth made a direct run for the ninja. It ran to her full speed, his tentacles reaching toward her and nearly connecting with a huge force. But Dravina saw this attack coming. Quickly dashing over and in front of her just as the tentacles would have wrapped the ninja up.

Dravina was weakened and bloody from sacrificing her body to stop the creature from possibly killing the ninja.

The battle ensued for nearly twenty minutes, at one point both Dravina and the ninja had been swallowed whole by the bipedal frog giant. But tearing through a hole, they were able to get out along with a well place dimension door spell spun off by Zorland’s voice.

The magic of his spells encircled him as he briefly teleported inside the creature, grabbing his comrade and then blinking back out to safety. Dravina once again dove in front of the creature’s onslaught, this time falling unconscious as she prevented a death blow to Da’Mar diving to catch the tentacles head on.

But Lazarus turned the tide quickly, along with the others, forcibly hurting and finally destroying the monstrosity as it stumbled backwards, falling to the ground with a thud after Zorland pierced it with an assault of magic missles.

Panting and gasping to catch their breath, the party clambered back to the campsite to try to get a few more winks of sleep. Zorland looking still amused, look back over at the ninja. “Told you it was a frog,” he beamed.

She didn’t answer. There were still a couple of hours until dawn. The peace of the wilderness despite the battle, was still wanting to all. How long, once they reach Rappan-Athuk, before they see stars again?

The stranger merely glared upward, cleaning off his weapons before sitting himself once more by the fire. The cold of the night bothering him slightly. Yes, he thought to himself. This rabble may yet indeed be worth working with.

Dawn was coming…and sleep took over.



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