Rappan-Athuk Reborn

Stoned and Gored

Upon reaching this new level in this accursed dungeon, the company of unlikely heroes soon realized they were in far more danger than they realized. After hours of wandering long corridors, they ran into a couple of angry minotaurs! The creatures were quickly dispatched which gave everyone some false confidence. Rounding another hallway, they happened into another room – this one filled with even more minotaurs and one champion among them. Though the party was outnumbered, some quick thinking tactics by the wizard and others, tore into their numbers and destroyed them outright.

Things seemed to be looking up after all. But no. They had to walking into a holding pen of sorts full of Gorgons – bull like metal plated creatures whose breath weapons turned all of us to stone. Or nearly all of us.

Da’Mar managed to free a few with restore potions and got everyone to retreat to safer territory. Now resting near a large maze – the company was now decide how best to take down this sub-temple of Orcus..if it is even possible.



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