Rappan-Athuk Reborn

The True and the Grey

..... The corridors became irregular and narrow as Chikako led the party deeper underground. Light was scarce, and yet the void was not silent. Sounds of squeeks off in the distance could be heard but not ascertained as to where. Occasionally, large webs that seem to have been spun out of thin air appeared right in the path the group was delving down. Having narrowly bested a spider construct horror of some kind the night before, Zorland, Pashana and the others were taking no chances. Nothing here was safe, there was no where to take a respite. A short poll of sorts was taken and a decision to travel north once again was made. The sounds of things running around them in the darkness seem to echo off the walls. The only one who didn’t seem affected was Da’Mar, who seemed content muttering to himself and casting glares past anyone who tried to meet his gaze. He had become distant of late, somewhat cynical. And he wasn’t talking to anyone. Following Zorland’s familiar, the adventurers rounded another narrow passage that came to a door. “Oh look! Civilization!” Exclaimed Pashana.

"How does a door in the middle of the Nine Hells constitute civilization?" retorted Lazarus.
Smirking, Zorland quickly positioned himself and began to chant quickly, finally pointing to near the Drider in the back of the room, and releasing a pin point bright orange-red light that streaked past all of the spiders, finally exploding in a sphere of concussive flame that rocked the walls of the dungeon itself. 
             Carcasses of  dead flamed burnt spiders fell from the ceiling and walls, the flames destroyed tapestries and books that adorned a stone shelf in the southwest corner of the room.
The Drider was not amused, her eyes burned with revenge at the site of her "children" dying all around her - and she began to chant something unintelligible.  A whirlwind of blood and flesh erupted into the room, blinding Da'Mar and Lazarus. 
 Realizing that Da'Mar could no longer attack, Chikako and Pashana made their way deeper into the still burning room to try to confront the horror now climbing up the wall.
Chikako sprang forward up the wall and dug her claws into her, doing some damage but nothing substantial, ripping small hairs and pieces of flesh off the bottom side of the spider part of his freak atrocity of nature.
Pashana managed to get off a defensive spell of a swarm of insects while Lazarus and Da'Mar made their way out of the room still blinded.  
Lazarus, side stepping the torrent of the spell, drew his sword and prepared to strike back, however Pashana wasn't done.  
Maneuvering in between Lazarus and Chikako as the Drider came back to the ground she connected hard with her adamantine unholy axe, cracking the back of the Drider's spine with an unsettling CRACK sound, killing her.  
As she delivered the killing blow, Da'Mar now out of the room but still blinded began muttering to himself, then slowly a current of dark obsidian magic bathed over his body.  A few feet above and to the rear of him, Zorland's owl quietly hovered and watched as Da'Mar called upon his god to release him from this blindness and restore his powers.
The spell of the Drider now over, Zorland took stock of everyone and then quietly walked up to an unsettled Da'Mar, his eyes glowing ruby red and his voice rasp with darkness.  Zorland had seen something he was not yet meant to see.  And here in the middle of Hell itself  he will discover this cleric's secret  or be forced to destroy him...


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The True and the Grey

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