Sword of Omens (Eye of Thundara) Pathfinder Stats

Truth. Justice. Honor. Loyalty.

weapon (melee)

Major Artifact CL 20th Mythic Tier 10 Price: n/a Ego Score: 100 / Sentient


The Eye of Thundara, so named because of the magical variant Gem of Seeing embedded in its hilt begins as a +1 adamantine dagger. The sword is inert to all but Catfolk and only the Heir to the Thundercats can make use of all its extraordinary powers. When wielded or bonded a Catfolk who is just and leader of their people, the Sword reveals itself and has the following properties:

These powers are considered activated or always active

Shape Change As stated above the sword begins as +1 adamantine dagger. Upon vocal command, and then said repeatedly after the sword grows to become: a +2 short sword, a +3 longsword, a +4 bastard sword, and finally a +5 greatsword – all with the adamantine property. Regardless of the size of the sword – it’s wielder can use it one handed without penalty.

Harm no Friend The Eye cannot be used to harm someone or something that is good. If done so against the Sword’s will – the blade will shatter upon contact destroying it most likely forever. The only known way to reforge it, is through melding its broken blades in starfire. A fragment from an actual star itself through its incredible heat. Also a blacksmith with knowledge of how to reforge the Sword properly is also required.

Sense of Danger If any creature or ally to the wielder of the sword is in significant danger, the Eye will awaken with a roar to warn the wielder of this danger. Including if the danger it senses are to the wielder himself. So long as the ally is on the same plane of existence, the Sword can Greater Teleport to the individual 1/day or Fly the wielder per the spell until he reaches that individual. Fly is used as if cast by a 20th level caster.

Sentient Sentient – the Sword of Omens is sentient. It will remain passive most of the time, but should it ever come across another sword of comparable power, or a great danger to all of the catfolk as a race, it will activate itself and become fully self mobile, even going against the will of its wielder to accomplish its goals. The Sword will remain under its own will until that goal is accomplished regardless of the wielder’s wishes.

Sight Beyond Sight On command, as a standard action, the wielder of the sword can ask it to reveal anything that has occurred anywhere on the same plane at that moment as per a clairvoyance spell cast at 20th level. In times of dire need, the Sword may also reveal the past to its wielder, or even glimpses of a possible future as well. This ability can also be used along with Sense Danger to reveal the location of where the endangered person is.

Shield of Force On command, the fully extended and awakened Sword of Omens can, as a full round action, create a circular and mobile wall of force while the wielder spins the sword. While doing this the wielder cannot take any other action as doing so will cease the wall of force shield ability immediately.

Ho! (call to arms) On command, and when the wielder is in great need, the Sword of Omens can be commanded to Call to the compatriots of the wielder. As a standard action, it will project the mark of the Thundarans into the skies, through any intervening obstacles, and roar. Any catfolk friendly to the wielder that can see the mark, or hear the roar that thunders after it for miles around, will immediately become aware of the location of the wielder of the Sword. Additionally, they will be affected by bull’s strength and cat’s grace as well as their base speed is doubled until they reach the wielder. The comrades also receive a mass cure serious wounds as if cast by a 20th level caster upon seeing and hearing the Eye’s roar.

Beams of Force On command as a standard action, wielder can call forth lancing beams of force (any energy subtype) once every 1d4 rounds (must be rolled prior to attacking and will keep the entire encounter). The power of the beam is related to the size of the Sword at that time. (+1 dagger 2d4+1, +2 short sword 2d6+2, +3 longsword 3d8+3, +4 bastard sword 4d10+4, +5 greatsword 5d12+6.

Unbreakable The Sword of Omens is utterly indestructible, except in 2 instances. First – attacking a creature or ally the sword deems to be good, shattering the blade. Second – the Eye is pierced by a comparable or more powerful sword rendering it immediately inert.

*Note: This is a MAJOR ARTIFACT and as such isn’t meant to be wielded or used by Player Characters, this is a plot device and intended as a goal to quest for or fulfill the destiny of the catfolk and their incredible origins.

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Created millennia ago to fight ancient evil on a distant world, the Eye of Thundara was forged with the collective might of the catfolk race on a world opposite of Golarion. The catfolk were explorers, craftsmen, pioneers of innovation and wise beyond years.

Humanoids and others that could travel the stars of Golarion came to Thundara for trade, alliances and more. However 3000 years ago, an ancient race of dark sorcerors from another plane of existence fell upon Thundara and laid siege to it and its technology and magic for nearly a century. These mind flayers as they were called, stopped at nothing, destroying one outpost after another and seizing and destroying the minds of the occupants who lived there.

They had powerful allies as well. Another race of psionic beings known as githyanki also descended upon Thundara and began pillaging and looting everywhere.

A bulwark was created by elite defenders of that world. A group of catfolk of all subtypes known as ThunderCats, threw everything they had at the invaders. But in the end, through an act of treachery, the powerful Sword of Omens coveted by the flayers was stolen and with it any chance of saving Thundara.

Allies of the cats recovered a scant few of the items including a daring feat that recovered the Sword, but after its recovery it was lost again to time and space.

It’s rumored the elite royal children managed to board a type of organic ship that sailed the stars and made their way to Golarion along with several other colony ships, the remaining magic and technology of Thundara with them. But the Sword was never found. And even if it is. Only the heir to that elite group of Catfolk can ever hope to wield it and rebuild their world.

Sword of Omens (Eye of Thundara) Pathfinder Stats

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