Rappan-Athuk Reborn

A Really Large Dead Tree...

“Along the road from Magnimar, our intrepid party of do-gooders minus the cave druid, found a mysterious path leading to the largest tree I had ever seen. It’s trunk and branches seemed to stretch to the heavens themselves. But as we approached it, we noticed that at the tree’s base was a pride of Dire Lions that seem to be chasing after a couple of harpies above.

“Two of our members seemed to be mesmerized by the strange cacophony of music coming from the harpies and walked forward to attack the pride itself. And that proved nearly fatal. As the pride immediately turned away from the harpies they were growling at and proceeded to surround us! Thinking we had the upper hand, we started to be tactful and strategize against the coming onslaught. But then our Ninja friend had to go and knock herself out. Luckily, my goddess Sarenrae was there to guide my healing hands as one by one my companions began to fall. There is something to be said for being at the rear of an attack. One lives to fight another day…and heal others!”

From the Journal of Da’Mar, Sun Warrior of Her Holiness, Sarenrae
15th day of Rova, Starday, 4713

Hey, we found the guy holding the sword we need...

Unfortunately, it would take an army to kill him plus our party to make a sizeable dent in his defenses. It seems we are not as powerful or ready as we thought to be. Perhaps that is a humbling statement. Or perhaps it is a thought of foolishness. Seeking fortune and power are worthy goals in a harsh land such as Varisia…but how long will our luck and good tidings last in this pit of evil?

It has become apparent to me…and perhaps the wizard also; that spells and steel alone may not help us in the end…and what about getting back? I abhore the sun…but even I would welcome the pain of that than to spend eternity here. I must keep my sanity if I am to survive.

- Kel’Thae, Sorceror HellKnight of the Citadel
Day 6


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