Rappan-Athuk Reborn

Hey, we found the guy holding the sword we need...

Unfortunately, it would take an army to kill him plus our party to make a sizeable dent in his defenses. It seems we are not as powerful or ready as we thought to be. Perhaps that is a humbling statement. Or perhaps it is a thought of foolishness. Seeking fortune and power are worthy goals in a harsh land such as Varisia…but how long will our luck and good tidings last in this pit of evil?

It has become apparent to me…and perhaps the wizard also; that spells and steel alone may not help us in the end…and what about getting back? I abhore the sun…but even I would welcome the pain of that than to spend eternity here. I must keep my sanity if I am to survive.

- Kel’Thae, Sorceror HellKnight of the Citadel
Day 6


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